Holiday Open House

Christmas Holly

​This year we wanted to offer a holiday open house as an additional opportunity to open our doors to the public. Given the current executive orders for outdoor venues, we have made some adjustments, but still hope to provide a fun and interactive opportunity! See all details below and please reach out with any questions.

Tours are going to be offered to small, intimate groups will allow us to do some very special things; You may have the opportunity to pet a pig, as they will be free roaming; You may feed a duck; or hold a chicken. Many surprises and a great day await you!

There were also be a daily photographer on staff offering family pictures in a

beautiful setting as well as candid photos. 

Yes, our unique gifts will also be available during our holiday open house - we are spreading our items out and having some items outdoors for convenience and open air browsing! Only one household will be welcomed to browse the gift shop items at a time.


Tickets are $18 and groups are limited to 10 individuals and tours will last approximately 1 and 1/2 hours

If you would like to you can purchase an entire tour for your household, by buying all 10 tickets available! This would feed Jack and Diane for a month! Or help run the pond for a month! Or even help heat our bird houses for a month!


Safety Precautions: 

You must purchase tickets ahead of time to help keep the group sizes to a minimum

Everyone attending is required to wear a face mask covering your mouth and nose, or you will not be admitted. We are also asking you to wear gloves. These can be medical or winter - any that keep your hands covered throughout the tour. Tour guides will let people know when gloves can be removed to interact with an animal. We will be asking everyone who attends to sign in for contact tracing purposes. The amount of people in each tour will be limited to the state mandate at the time (currently 10) so that everyone is spaced comfortably and properly distanced. Sanitizer will be located throughout the property. Other than petting or feeding animals we can provide you a touch-less experience.

Please, we ask if you are sick to stay home!

Scheduled Tours

Friday, November 27th
Saturday, November 28th