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Adult Volunteering Opportunities

We operate through the participation of volunteers and are always looking for good and dedicated people. It doesn't take much of your time, and provides so much in return.



Direct Care
Direct Care

Help with feeding, cleaning, and hands-on enrichment.

Partial Day: Those who can commit to a four-hour shift once a week (for a minimum of one year) can get involved with feeding, cleaning, and hands-on enrichment. Morning and afternoon/evening shifts available.


Our partial day shift run every day but for Wednesdays and openings do vary so let us know your availability and we can tell you if we have an opening. 


Full Day: Same as above with the ability to learn additional skills.

Green Thumb
Green Thumb

Lend a hand growing food for our residents and making the sanctuary shine!

Help us keep the pond gardens, wildlife berry garden and other areas in top shape for our animals and for our tours. And if you don't have a green thumb, but want one, this is the place to learn.

We actually grow some of the food needed to teach the wildlife what to find when they leave, and we grow greens for happy farm animals. Growing saves us money but we can't do it without you.

Handyperson or Painter

Put your skills to use to help maintain our buildings and pasture fencing.

There is so much more to do in addition to caring for the animals. If you've got some carpentry skills, and can spend just a few hours each week, we would love to have you join us to help fix everything that breaks or wears out.

And if you can paint, the pasture fences, the barn and all the animal buildings take a beating each year and we would be grateful to anyone who can wield a paintbrush. 

Social Media/IT
Social Media/IT

Help us share our important cause and spread the word about our sanctuary.

We want to share our important cause with every age and touch as many as we can. Your talent can help us spread the word.

Experience necessary.


We continue to build our following organically with both uplifting posts and important information. Our recent media volunteer really helped us grow. Before she moved, she made a detailed list of what she handled, accessed below. If you've got what it takes to be a part of this incredible cause, get in touch!

Admin Assistant
Administration Assistant

Keep us organized by helping with administrative duties.

If you're organized and detail-oriented, know how to use a computer, keep databases updated, run errands, reply to emails, and more, we want you to help us out once-a-week with minor administrative duties and communications.

Some work to be done on-site and some work may be done remotely. Must have laptop for remote work.


Help us raise funds to keep our animals happy and healthy.

Our incredible growth comes from the constant demand on us. To meet it, we need to raise more and more funds each year in order to continue our mission. If you can throw a party (or more!), you can help us fund-raise...on your own schedule.

Looking for the right people with experience and skills in:

·      Event coordination and leadership

·      Program development and management

·      Sponsorship and donation attainment

·      Donor and sponsor prospecting and recruitment

·      Relationship building and management

·      Community outreach and partnerships

Painted Heart
Marketing and/or Appearance Organizer

We're worth hearing about, and we'd love someone who can help us bring attention to our important mission through television, newspaper and innovative advertising and outreach. The right marketing volunteer will also work and coordinate with our social media manager when needed. 


We also get asked to attend events and other fun experiences that can benefit West Place, and we could use your help to organize our attendance at these opportunities. 

Help us spread our mission.


Become a board member of West Place.

If you are organized, determined and committed and want to play a key part in the success of our amazing organization, we want to hear from you. Looking for qualified people to strengthen our board and assist with new funding opportunities. Specifics can be found in the below link.

Business Meeting
Other Opportunities

How do you want to get involved?

We have SO many opportunities! Here are a few, or come up with your own and reach out to see if we can make a connection:

- Crafter/Sewer for our gift shop and Etsy shop

- Harvester

- Weed whacker

- Painter

- Special Projects

- Blog content writer

- YouTube content creator

- Stone wall repair

- Errand runner, 

and more!

We need you, just ask us how!

Other Opportunities
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