Make a Difference

We are sustained only by private donations, fundraising

efforts and grants. We are not funded by our state or federal

government. As the demand for our services increases, our budget

needs to rise to the challenge year after year. 

Your help can go such a long way toward making sure that

animals receive the care that we can provide.

There are many ways to give...

Make a one-time Donation 

Help us help animals rescued from cruelty cases and wildlife while advancing our mission.

No amount is too small, and because we are volunteer-based, you'll know your contribution goes toward all the important things.

Make a Gift Donation

Celebrate your loved one on their birthday, anniversary, wedding or any special occasion.

If you know that perfect person loves all things animal, what better way to help them celebrate, or just let them know how wonderful they are, than by donating to West Place on their behalf. They'll receive a surprise card from us.

Make a Memorial Donation

In memory of a loved one, a dear friend or a special pet, what a wonderful way to honor their life.

We will commemorate 

your donation and recognize you for you gift in a card sent to the person of your choosing.


Kindly provide their information when you donate.

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