Wholesome and Organic  at West Place

Our rescues eat A LOT and food is expensive. Commercially available food serves as the basis for their diet, but we wanted to do more and feed them better. These are some of the natural foods we grow, following organically based practices and fertilizing with compost comprised of only horse, alpaca and game bird manure. It makes extra work for us and takes time, but the rescues are healthy and happy so it's totally worth it.  

Who doesn't love raspberries? Our wildlife rehabs love all kinds and colors and we provide them with red, golden, and black raspberries as well as blackberries, all grown here. And while they wait for raspberry season, we've got plenty of strawberries growing!

Some of the healthiest berries we grow are our blueberries and these are a big hit! The perfect bite-size when the wildlife babies are still small. When blueberry season passes, we move on to josta berry, wild currant, and gogi berry just to name a few of the many we have. 

A sanctuary favorite, we get to admire these gorgeous flowers before they become important nutrition for many of  our game birds. 

We yield hundreds of pounds of grapes each fall, right before the turkeys are released. Whatever they leave on the vines (which isn't much!) is anxiously awaited by the peacocks, who eat several pounds a week, year round.

We didn't realize how much Canada geese love cherry tomatoes until we grew them! Now they insist on them.

In addition to our specifically engineered Rotational Grazing Pasture System for our farm rescues, we also grow them some fun treats, including a greenhouse full of lettuces and carrots (above left), a field full of corn and other vegetables (center) , and an orchard full of apples and other tasty fruit (right).

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