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Overall Goal:
The Operations Manager is responsible for supervising daily operations at West Place Animal Sanctuary, primarily managing all tasks associated with the volunteer/internship program, daily animal care management, property management, supply ordering, and equipment cleaning/storage. The Operations Manager plays a key role in ensuring that the organization's standards of excellence are met.


Volunteer Management

  • Maintain and grow volunteer base through outreach to individuals, community-based organizations and groups, colleges/universities, and corporations as needed.

  • Work closely with all program and department managers to periodically assess needs for volunteer expertise and level of volunteer staffing.

  • Maintain process to review applications and interview potential individual volunteers
    assess interests/skills of volunteers and match with appropriate activities.

  • Assign and track completion of assigned volunteer training.

  • Maintain daily volunteer scheduling .

  • Maintain volunteer databases.

  • Provide ongoing training to new and existing volunteers, engaging with existing volunteers daily and provide feedback and additional guidance as needed.

  • Maintain ongoing communications with volunteers with weekly reminders, etc.

  • Reporting on volunteers tracking hours.

  • Monitor, encourage, and manage electronic messaging communications to/from volunteers through our used application.

  • Update training manual, documents, etc. as necessary.


Intern Program Management

  • Recruit high school, college, and graduate level interns.

  • Respond to internship requests; assess interests/skills of interns and match with appropriate staff or projects.

  • Manage comprehensive orientation process for new interns.

  • Engage in ongoing feedback and complete school evaluations as required.

  • Update manuals as necessary.


Animal Care

  • Oversee volunteers performing feeding, cleaning and maintenance of resident living areas.

  • Ensure regular removal of garbage, compost in accordance with organization’s outlined procedures.

  • Oversee cleaning, maintenance, and proper storage of sanctuary equipment.

  • Assist with the check-in of new animals and inspection.

  • Follow proper safety measures and procedures when volunteers are using chemicals and cleaning supplies.

  • Managing regular tasks and special projects for volunteers.

  • Overseeing cleanliness, maintenance and daily care of kennel, office and gift shop building.

  • Daily health checks on all animals.

  • Providing supplements, medications, injections, etc. as needed.

  • Inform Executive Director of any health issues with the animals.


Property and Building Management

  • Assure that all buildings are maintained, cleaned, repaired as necessary.

  • Monitor electric and heat usage in all buildings and be responsible for conserving.

  • Manage the organizational aspects and cleanliness of the property


Administration & Events

  • Orders/returns/exchanges, responding to emails, voicemails, and questions.

  • Update SOP’s, manuals, training tools, and resources related to volunteers, interns, operations and animal care.

  • Manage all processes related to volunteer/animal care/visitor incident reporting.

  • Assist other employees, clients, and volunteers in a cheerful and respectful manner as a representative of West Place Animal Sanctuary.


Other Skills and Physical Requirements

  • Enthusiasm

  • VERY strong organizational skills

  • Critical Thinking skills

  • Mindfulness

  • VERY strong time management skills

  • Ability to multi-task on a daily basis

  • Database management

  • Proficiency using Word, Excel, Internet, certain programs and apps

  • Commitment to a team approach of working with staff members, volunteers and guests

  • Strong listening, speaking and writing skills 

  • Able to manage in-person requests and phone/emails on a daily basis

  • Must be able to handle large animals when necessary

  • Any handyperson or facilities management abilities a plus

  • Ability to stand for long periods of time and lift up to 50 lbs. a plus 


Schedule: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Saturdays, Sundays
Weekend and holiday work required
Rate of Pay: up to $40,000 depending on experience
Two weeks paid vacation
Worker’s Comp coverage

To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to

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