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Brighter days ahead for dog abandoned in Tiverton

July 25, 2023

By Paige Shapiro

Patty, set to be euthanized, is up for adoption at the Potter League for Animals

Patty the dog, nearly euthanized, had surgery and is ready for adoption at the Potter League for Animals in Middletown RICHARD W. DIONNE JR.

An abandoned dog spared from euthanasia earlier this month has a new lease on life, and is waiting for her forever home, at the Potter League for Animals in Middletown.

Patty, a mixed breed female, was found astray on Seapowet Avenue in Tiverton in late June, taken to the West Place Animal Sanctuary for holding, and then retrieved by the Town of Tiverton several days later.

The canine was the subject of a dispute between the Town of Tiverton and West Place Animal Sanctuary, Tiverton’s contractual temporary kennel facility at the time, after Tiverton Animal Control Officer Julia Black took the dog to be euthanized despite later protests from West Place.

The dog's life was ultimately spared — vets at a Warren veterinary hospital reportedly told West Place that its health did not warrant euthanasia, and transferred the animal to the Potter League. The controversy with Patty drove a wedge between the Town of Tiverton and West Place, which no longer contracts with the town to take in strays.

At the Potter League, Patty appears to be doing better. The dog recently underwent medical examination, was spayed and had two benign mammary masses removed.

"Her bloodwork shows that she may have early stages of liver or thyroid disease, but there are currently no symptoms," stated Brad Shear, Potter League's Chief Executive Officer. "Regular bloodwork will need to be done at her veterinarian post-adoption."

Patty, along with 34 other dogs, is available for adoption at


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