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Meet the Team

West Place is made possible by a long list of talented, kind, and generous Board Members, a small but mighty staff, and dozens of daily volunteers.

Each individual plays an important role in the day-to-day operations of the sanctuary.

Wendy Taylor began West Place in memory of her beloved animals who perished in a house fire. From that traumatic experience, she gained strength and focus and West Place was born. She left the practice of law after twenty years and has dedicated her life to improving the lives of animals who have been victims of cruelty, abuse or neglect.

Wendy is a Level II licensed wildlife rehabilitator, and also sits on the State of RI Animal Welfare Council, which recommends new laws go before the legislature.


Watch her powerful TEDx Talk here

Wendy Taylor

Founder &

Executive Director


Patrick Cole

Director of Development
and Communications

Terry Somerson_headshot_edited.jpg
Terry Somerson

Operations Manager

Alex Reeg_headshot_edited.jpg
Alexandria Reeg

Animal Care Manager

Board of Directors

Thomas D. Humphrey

Board Chair

Thomas has worked in various engineering, sales and management roles at APC/Schneider Electric for the past 20 years primarily in electrical and mechanical aspects of the data center business. Currently the Business Development Manager for Modular Data Centers and Design Services he is responsible for strategy development and implementation for Prefabricated Systems for Data Center, Edge Compute and non-IT applications.

Thomas is a graduate of the University of Rhode Island with a B.S. in Civil / Environmental Engineering, and the current chairman of the board of West Place Animal Sanctuary.

Peter Rodriguez

Board Secretary

Taylor Rego photo_edited.jpg
Taylor Rego

Sergeant At Arms

Samantha Currie

Board Member

Loreal McDonald_headshot_edited.jpg
Loreal McDonald

Board Member

Jessica Carr Thew_headshot_edited.jpg
Jessica Carr Thew

Board Member

Special Teams

Pam Dow

Green Thumb Volunteer Supervisor

Tom Freitas

Handyperson Volunteer


Jesse Dufault



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