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SPONSOR a Bunny Rescue

When you sponsor, you will be invited for a private tour, including meet and greet, photo opportunities, a full bio and some special gifts. For each year of sponsorship, you will receive updates, photos, a tax-deductible letter,
and entry to our open house.
It costs $45 a month for our volunteers to feed each bunny hay, special grain, fresh vegetables and to provide their bedding. And this still does not cover shearing, medicines, veterinary visits or surgeries, so we'd love for you to get involved!

Floppy is a domestic floppy-eared rabbit (we're not so great with names!) He was found out in the wild, in a parking lot by a police department and they brought him to us. Though we made every effort to find his owners, we learned that, sadly, often times when people no longer want their domestic rabbit, they will merely let it go, thinking that it will adapt to the wild. This little guy is lucky as he is definitely snack size.


Clem is a domestic New Zealand Mix rabbit that was brought into the state wildlife clinic after being found dumped in the wild. Since they don't handle domestic animals, they asked if we could step in and help out. He was just a baby at the time and he never would have survived. 

Because of his breed he grew fast and big!

He's our biggest guy and is not a shy eater.


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