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SPONSOR a Fish or Turtle Rescue

When you sponsor, you will receive a full bio and some great photos.
For each year of sponsorship, you will receive updates, photos, a tax-deductible letter, and entry to our open house, when you can visit our gorgeous pond they all call home.

You wouldn't think that we would be asked to rescue FISH from a cruelty case...but sure enough! The 2016 Westport, MA case brought us 39 fish...and those have now grown to be 200 healthy beauties. To keep them healthy and safe we maintain a 150,000 gallon pond with plant life. The plants help feed them, but we still need to provide healthy bacteria, balance their pH and ammonia levels and more. Even without the cost of the pond pumps and aerators (an additional $4000 a year to run) the fish still cost us a lot!

The animals we take in are from neglect, cruelty and abuse situations. The one exception we can make is for painted/slider turtles. We've been asked to help out with eight so far. We give them a great home in our pond, providing them aeration, protection and a giant house.

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