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Educational Internship Programs:

High School and College Students

Each year, West Place welcomes dozens of local students to the sanctuary for experiential education opportunities at the sanctuary. What began as a small program for just a handful of students has exploded in popularity. We now receive several dozen applications for the summer program alone, and more for our extended school-year program. We've even had a student studying in Scotland spend her summer with us in Rhode Island.

The historic 8-acre farm property is much more than a home to rescued animals. Students participate in a variety of activities including:


  • farm animal care

  • wildlife rehabilitation

  • veterinary visits, shearing, hoof trimming, and dentistry

  • on-site food cultivation program

  • farm property management and land stewardship

  • gardening, horticulture, and landscaping

  • facilities management and maintenance/repair work

  • farm and non-profit operations

  • fundraising, marketing, and communications


Students learn lifelong skills and values applicable to any setting, while gaining valuable experience that can be included on school applications and resumes. Apply today at

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Summer Internships
June - August

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School-Year Internships
September - May

Whether enrolled in the accelerated Summer Program or the School-Year Program, these rising stars gain hands-on experience within a working farm environment and receive a real-world education. Our Educational Internship program are sustained by our generous donors who establish scholarships through the Bobbert Memorial Scholarship Fund, ensuring there is no financial barrier for students and their families and West Place can continue to operate this free program.

West Place can be flexible when working with students who can only commit for a semester or who need to slightly alter the dates of their internship. Please contact us to make arrangements, or clearly indicate your availability in your application. 

School Projects

West Place is often asked to participate in school projects at both the high school and college levels. Although we are not able to accommodate every request, we may be able to provide assistance when it comes to interviews, mentoring, senior/capstone projects, Boy/Girl Scout projects, classroom visits, and more.

Please contact us and provide details of your project and ample response time, and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

School Supply

You can also schedule a class field trip and bring your group to West Place!

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