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Sponsoring a rescue horse or donkey is one of the best ways to support our ongoing work to provide a lifetime of care and love to abused and neglected farm animals.

Our horse rescue efforts focus on older horses and miniature horses. Elderly horses require a great deal of care and compassion in their final years. It costs
$200 each month for our volunteers to feed them hay, grain and multiple supplements. That doesn't even begin to cover the farrier, the dentist, medications or veterinary bills which can be $500 a visit. Miniature horses also require a a lot and cost us $150 each month. Your monthly donations will cover all of the basic necessities that each of our amazing animals need.

As an equine sponsor, you'll be invited to West Place for a private tour, photo opportunities, and a meet-and-greet with your sponsored animal. You'll also receive a full animal biography; photos, videos, and annual updates; and a cumulative year-end receipt for your tax-deductible donations. For each year of sponsorship, you will receive updates, photos, a tax-deductible letter, and entry to our visitors weekends.

Your sponsorship also provides a steady stream of support and budget relief that allows West Place to continue welcoming needy animals to our sanctuary. We appreciate your help! 


Gabby and her sister, Gracie, were our first "auction intercept" case. We worked in conjunction with Horse Angels to prevent these two girls from going to auction, where one never knows what will happen. Gabby was only 12 years old when she came to us, and mini horses can live to be 40 so we'll have her for a long time! She would love a sponsor to help her receive the best possible care.



Just look at that face! Gracie is as sweet as they come. She and her sister had a long trip to get to West Place, and they were intercepted prior to auction down in PA. Their owner had a stroke and the family didn't want to care for them and were sending them to auction. Another organization reached out to us to see if we could help and we were happy to take in these adorable little munchkins. But even munchkins cost money and we would love your monthly sponsorship!

Our donkeys come from kill pens and they require a great deal of attention. It costs $100 each month for our volunteers to feed them hay and multiple supplements. That doesn't even begin to cover the farrier, the dentist, medications or veterinary bills, which can be $500 a visit.
We appreciate your help! 


Before Charles was born, his mom was rescued from a kill pen. The authorities and SPCAs have always kept us so busy that we never ventured into rescues like this but it was time to get involved and help out. Charles’ mom was pregnant with him when she was going to be taken to slaughter. Fortunately, he didn’t know the suffering that she did. We are grateful to have this little mini with us now. Sponsor him and get to meet this amazing little guy!



Sweet and timid Timothy wasn't as lucky as Charles. He was already born and alive when he was sent to slaughter. And then he got really sick, ending up in the hospital for a long time. He pulled through but is going to need a lot of work, and a lot of love. He will get all that and more at West Place. Your support will help us give him all he needs.

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