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Pay It Forward Program

Leave a lasting impression with your clients while supporting
farm animals and wildlife that deserve a second chance

Members of the Rhode Island and Massachusetts business communities have been valuable proponents of our work, and influential in helping to cultivate a more compassionate community. We are proud to offer a new opportunity for businesses like yours to thank your clients while supporting West Place Animal Sanctuary and the farm animals and wildlife in our care.

Through West Place’s Pay It Forward program, your customers can tour our sanctuary and meet our amazing farm animal rescues, courtesy of you! You’ll go above and beyond to satisfy your clients’ needs and provide them with an opportunity to explore one of Rhode Island’s hidden gems.

The Pay It Forward program is perfect for realtors, travel agents, marine and automobile dealerships, fitness and wellness professionals, wealth managers and financial planners, and sales professionals in just about any industry.

How It Works

It’s easy and impactful for businesses to participate in the Pay It Forward program:

  • When your business makes a sale, you will make a $100 donation to West Place Animal Sanctuary in honor of your clients. West Place is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and your donations are tax deductible. (You choose which sales result in a donation – this is not an “all or nothing” program.)

  • Your business will be asked to provide the names and contact information of your clients so West Place can notify them that a donation has been made in their honor.

  • West Place will extend an invitation to your clients for a guided and interactive tour of our sanctuary ($200 value). We will coordinate dates, times, and other pertinent details with your clients and tour invitations will be honored up to one year after your donation is received.

You’ll provide a unique and tangible gift to your clients, they’ll get to experience our sanctuary in person, and West Place benefits from your continued success and generosity. We hope you’ll agree that the Pay It Forward program is a win-win-win for all!

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