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Sponsoring an alpaca is one of the best ways to support our ongoing work to provide a lifetime of care and love to abused and neglected farm animals.

It costs $60 each month for our volunteers to feed each alpaca hay and grain, and for us to get them necessary monthly deworming. This does not cover shearing, hoof trimming, teeth trimming, veterinary visits or medication, which can really add up. Your monthly donations will cover all of the basic necessities that each of our amazing animals need.

As an alpaca sponsor, you'll be invited to West Place for a private tour, photo opportunities, and a meet-and-greet with your sponsored animal. You'll also receive a full animal biography; photos, videos, and annual updates; and a cumulative year-end receipt for your tax-deductible donations. For each year of sponsorship, you will receive updates, photos, a tax-deductible letter, and entry to our visitors weekends.

Your sponsorship also provides a steady stream of support and budget relief that allows West Place to continue welcoming needy animals to our sanctuary. We appreciate your help! 

You can also learn more about our Bobbert Memorial Scholarship Fund and remember one of the greatest animals to ever live at West Place.


Cash lived in a crowded paddock without proper housing when he was just a little guy. One of our board members rescued him from that situation and brought him to West Place. Now he's the leader of the herd and always keeping an eye out for his fellow alpacas!



Etta came to us from an over-crowded and failing alpaca business with no grass or space to move. She and three others were lucky enough to come to us to have plenty of grass and freedom to roam. She's very curious and you can always find her hanging out with the boys!


Shady worked for seven years in a crowded dirt paddock protecting show alpaca from predators. When he was finally allowed to retire, he had nowhere to go. His friends are always looking out for him since he's our oldest alpaca. He may be a little slower than the rest but is never far behind! 



Dudley lived in a crowded dirt paddock at the back end of a property for the first five years of his life with very little social interactions. One of our board members brought him to us from that sad situation. He may be our largest alpaca but he's certainly one of the most gentle! (Just watch out for his spitting!)

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