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Experience West Place with our Educational School Tours


When we engage and empower children to be a part of the solution in animal protection and in the preservation of the earth, we inspire the next generation of animal care givers and earth conservators.


Our goal is to connect visitors empathetically to the lives and experiences of the animals at the sanctuary, to ignite a new awareness of our roles and responsibilities in the lives of all animals with whom we share this planet, and to inspire a commitment to change.

We can customize a visit to focus on a wide variety of disciplines and interests, including: plants and animals, life cycles, ecosystems, diversity, adaptations, engineering, sustainability (the sanctuary has three greenhouses to grow food for the animals and also has a pond fed by runoff and aerated to allow fish, turtles, and water fowl access year-round), and rehabilitation.


We can tailor programs for any age or grade level.

Contact us at to discuss what we can do for your class.


We provide education and community learning opportunities. These types of engagements help West Place tell our story and share knowledge about animals and their abilities to recover, adapt and thrive in caring environments.

Our programs seek to connect children to animal and environmental issues, to nurture empathy, and to inspire a sense of personal responsibility and accountability toward the care of our earth and our animals.

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