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In Memorium

We have cared for thousands of animals since our start. Though we wish we could recognize each of them properly here, we at least have to note some of our favorites. We love and miss them all every day, and take solace knowing we are saving so many more in their honor. When you sponsor the memory of one of our special rescues in honor of your lost loved one, or for any reason that is special to you, you will help us be able to rescue more and continue our important work.




The face of West Place, everyone who knew him loved him. We could fill a book about Bobbert. We are continuing his amazing legacy through a brand-new scholarship fund. Read more about it under our Giving Tab, or sponsor an educational intern scholarship, here:




Our very first rescue, back when we opened our doors in 2007. This incredible guy, with his gentle soul, gave out so much love. In his last year, he needed a dirt floor in order to get up, so we gutted our vegetable greenhouse and dubbed it "Johnny's greenhouse," and we still refer to it as that. If you want to honor someone whose sweetness touched everyone, sponsoring Johnny's memory is the perfect way to recognize them.


"The Mayor." He met every volunteer and guest at the gate, followed everyone around, and interrupted every conversation with his perfect 'gobble.' Losing him was like losing a piece of us.  If you're looking to honor someone who commanded each room into which they walked,  sponsoring Chester's memory is a perfect way to recognize them.





We didn't rescue chickens for the first decade since we didn't have a separate building. But when Dottie came, we realized chickens get along great with our other bird rescues. Dottie taught us chickens can dance, they love to sit on your shoulder, will come. running for a grape, and are great greenthumb helpers. If you're looking to honor someone who made you laugh more than anyone, sponsoring Dottie's memory is a perfect way to recognize them.




This amazing girl was left behind by her mother, who knew she was a failure to thrive. She was given eight weeks to live. But she decided to enjoy almost a full decade of life instead. Honor your loved one's resilience by sponsoring the memory of Peepers.




From the horrible 2016 Westport MA cruelty case, came this incredible creature. Although we only had the pleasure of his company for three years, he touched our hearts like no other and we are so glad the last part of his life was full of love and not neglect. Sponsor your beloved human or pet in honor of Karl's memory. 

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