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SPONSOR a Cow Rescue

When you sponsor, you will be invited for a private tour, including meet and greet, photo opportunities, a full bio and some special gifts. For each year of sponsorship, you will receive updates, photos, a tax-deductible letter, and entry to our open house.

Our cow rescue focuses on male Holsteins "dairy cows" on their way to slaughter. These gentle giants grow to 1500 lbs and it costs $250 a month for our volunteers to feed them hay, grain and multiple supplements and that doesn't even begin to cover medications or veterinary bills which can be $500 a visit. We look forward to your help! 

Jensen was our first cow "slaughter intercept" case. We worked in conjunction with Behind Your Milk to prevent him from going to slaughter. He would love a sponsor to help us take the best possible care of him.


He's finally here! This little guy was very sick and medications were not working. He almost died several times. He's still tiny for his age and has a lot of recovering to do, but he is our newest slaughter house rescue. 

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