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When you sponsor, you will receive a full bio and some great photos. For each year of sponsorship, you will receive updates, photos, a tax-deductible letter, and entry to our open house, when you can meet your game bird friend.

Our Chicken Rescues

We did not use to rescue chickens - we only have so many buildings!
But when we realized we could add nesting boxes and perches six-feet in the air, we were able to keep our waterfowl happy when they learned they'd be sharing their home. 
You can sponsor one of our chickens for $20 a month, which provides them grain, corn for foot health, monthly deworming and treats. In addition to this we are always working on funding for medications and vet visits.

Oh, Red. We love you so much. If you could just stop spurring us when we turn our backs that would be so great. In all seriousness, Red is a wonderful and hardworking rooster, as he always protects his flock. And with all the predators we can get, we appreciate his looking out for our hens so well! If only he could tell time a bit better. You don't need to crow all day buddy!

Speckle came as a chick along with Red and she is one of the sunniest and funniest birds we have. She'll jump on your shoulder, try to steal your earring (she's part of the reason for our 'no jewelry' policy!), and she has a dance party each week with one of our volunteers. Yep, you read that right. 

Beautiful Quince came to us with her sister, Reilly. Sadly, we lost Reilly unexpectedly overnight one night, but Quince has so many hen and bird friends that she always has company and wants for nothing.

Spicy's name says it all and she lives up to it every day. This big girl has no fear, loves to kick up dirt, and if she doesn't get enough treats, well, just look at that look on her face. Spicy gets whatever Spicy wants, especially our love. 


One word. Muppet.

We really think Charlotte could have been a muppet. One of our tiniest little and goofy birds, she always makes us smile. We took her in from another organization not suited for chickens and she took to us immediately. We feel the same way, Charlotte.

Sandy and all her "sisters" below came to us from a big group of 12 hens that were living in muddy conditions, several with overgrown nails and foot issues. With no rooster around, Sandy was top of the pecking order, but she definitely lets Red do his job.

Martha with her feathery feet, we just can't take the cuteness! We've never taken in a Cochin before and she is such a sweet girl. We're glad we made room for her.

Sansa is our extra-special chicken case. She arrived with a case of bumblefoot and had just gotten over an internal infection that may not have been completely treated as it flared up again. She gets fruit and electrolytes to keep up her strength as she recuperates with us.

Poppy is a Mille Fleur D'Uccle, which means a million flowers and she looks like she has a million poppies throughout her feathers. This little munchkin will sit for us as we tickle under her feathers while she purrs. She is one very special little hen.

Yes, you are seeing double! Pip is Poppy's doppelgänger. She's a bit more shy but she loves exploring all the fresh grass and bugs. It's a big world out there for you now, Pip!

Our Turkey Rescues

You can sponsor one of our super cool turkeys for $35 a month, which provides them grain, corn for foot health, monthly deworming and treats.
In addition to this we are always working on funding for medications and vet visits.

Fortunately, none need saving at the moment!

but that will change soon, we're sure so keep an eye out for more turkeys!

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