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Custom Candles
Made to Order, Just for You!

Create your own candle and we'll make it especially for you!

STEP 1: Choose Your Style
Alpaca or pig? Sheep or owl? Tin or glass with custom label? The choice is yours!

STEP 2: Choose Your Wax

Select soy, paraffin, or bees wax (seasonal).

STEP 3: Choose the Aromatherapy/Essential Oils

We only use REAL essential oils (no chemicals).

STEP 4: Choose Your Color

Pick from mica powder or vegan dye - up to 3 colors for glass candles!

STEP 5: Choose to Add Fresh Herbs

This optional step allows you to select fresh herbs from our greenhouse to be added in or on your candle.

All candles are ready in one week!

Download the order form, make your selections, and email it to

Contact us if you have any questions!

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