Other Ways To Give

Every dollar makes a difference. There are many fun and easy ways that you can help us provide sanctuary for animals and cultivate a compassionate community. 

Social Media Fundraiser

The best part is, this doesn't cost you anything! It's so easy to start a FB fundraiser for a birthday (or Earth Day or a rescue day...or anything ending in "day." Equally easy is a Go Fund Me and many other online platforms. Need our help? Just give us a call!

Woman Holding a Mobile Phone

Host Your Own "Fun"raiser

Help us cultivate a compassionate community by engaging your friends and family in our lifesaving work. Whether you are celebrating an upcoming birthday, gathering with your book club, or putting on an athletic event, there are many creative fundraisers you can host to support West Place Animal Sanctuary. We would love to hear what you have in mind and provide guidance as you fundraise.

Visit our fundraising FAQ and start planning today!

Coffee Club

Trade that extra shot or downsize your coffee and donate your spare change to our sanctuary residents. Trust us, we love coffee too, so we know. Cheers to you!

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Throw a party!

Having a party? Let us supply the balloons...and some stickers, brochures, donation jar and link, and you're on your way to supporting us without even trying!