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 Liability Waiver

Warning: Animals can kick and bite and scratch. Please do not put your hands through fences or gates.

The ground is undulating and unsteady, please use caution and watch your step at all times.

I hereby agree that I will expressly assume any and all risks associated with this visit and that, under no circumstances from now until the end of the world, will I present any claim or file any lawsuit against West Place Animal Sanctuary (“WPAS”), its Officers, Directors, Landlords, Property Owner or Staff, and I forever hold harmless WPAS, its Officers, Directors, Staff, Property Owner for any loss or damages, of any type, sustained either in law or in equity arising from or by reason of any bodily injury or personal injuries known or unknown, death or property damage resulting to or that result from any accident that may occur as a result of any activities in connection with WPAS, whether by negligence or not.

By typing my name below as my signature, I acknowledge the above on behalf of myself and everyone else in my family or group, with their express permission:

I consent to the liability waiver
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