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Announcing Fur, Feathers & Fins

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

By Wendy Taylor, Founder & Executive Director

Wendy Taylor and Erna
Founder and Executive Director Wendy Taylor with Erna, a 14-year-old Pekin and one of West Place's original rescues.

Welcome to Fur, Feathers & Fins, the official West Place blog! Our organization has been rescuing farm animals and rehabilitating wildlife for 14 years now, and we decided it was time to share some of our experiences, expertise, and knowledge with you in a more detailed format.

Within this blog you will find fun facts about many of the animal residents at West Place Animal Sanctuary, as well as information to help you should you encounter an animal in need. You’ll also get a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to make a farm animal sanctuary run smoothly and why we do things a certain way. As we start to emerge from baby wildlife season, you’ll also learn more about our rehabilitation work and how we help animals from communities throughout our region. You’ll hear directly from volunteers, staff, student interns, and guest authors.

We hope you find this extended format interesting, informative, and inspiring. We also want to hear from you! Leave comments, ask questions, or suggest topics for us to address in future posts. And be sure to share Fur, Feathers & Fins with friends!

- W

Wendy Taylor

Founder and Executive Director

West Place Animal Sanctuary

1 comentario

30 sept 2021

I took my grandson to your sanctuary on Sunday and as we were finishing our tour with Kelly Diane thought my foot was an apple and chomped down on it. My husband also. I wasnt as lucky and got a bloody sneaker. I cleaned it really well but by Tuesday it still throbbed. I got an antibiotic and tetanus shot and am on the mend. Tell your visitors to watch her carefully. Pig jaws are very strong. By the way, your place is awesome. Benay Borow. I will be sponsoring, but not Diane

Me gusta
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