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Groupon's Grassroots Program Helps West Place

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

We were so fortunate to have Groupon work with us on planning and implementing a fundraiser for automated waterers for the sanctuary and we raised almost $1100. Though the fundraiser has finished, below is the brief listing they wrote up on us.

From Our Editors

In 2003, Wendy Taylor Humphrey’s house caught fire, killing her two dogs, six cats, and pet goat. Devastated, she searched for a way to overcome her loss by helping other animals. She trained as a wildlife rehabilitator and founded West Place Animal Sanctuary four years later to help provide shelter and recuperation for abandoned and injured farm animals and wildlife. Today, the sanctuary serves as a home for a variety of animals ranging from domestic ducklings and rabbits to wild turkeys and sheep. Sanctuary volunteers and part-time staff members receive abandoned and injured animals, nurse them back to health, feed them, and provide them with space to roam.


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