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R.I. Spotlight: Highlighting Community Heroes

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

One Spring morning, our Executive Director, Wendy Taylor gets a call. The man on the other end of the phone is Jim Hummel, a hard-hitting investigative reporter that has done pieces on people that have resulted in the losses of jobs and even jail time. Why in the world was he calling Wendy?

She asks him exactly that. And his reply is, "My wife, also named Wendy, makes me do spotlight pieces on good people to even out the balance of evil in my day job."

And of course our Executive Director became Hummel's next feel-good project, resulting in an episode of Rhode Island Spotlight: Highlighting Community Heroes.

Next thing Wendy knew, Jim was at the sanctuary, spending several days watching, following, learning and listening. Then he started filming. Whether the enthusiastic Wednesday A.M. crew knew they were also going to be on camera - or that it came as a surprise, we'll never know.

Please take the time to watch this incredibly done piece, which also aired on PBS.

It's worth every minute.


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