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Tiverton Sanctuary a Home for Neglected Animals

September 11, 2022

By Jim Phillips

Wendy Taylor has a story to tell. After a fire in 2003 in which nine of her beloved pets perished, the former medical malpractice attorney pushed her profession aside and devoted her life to the care and protection of animals.

She founded the West Place Animal Sanctuary at 3198 Main Road in Tiverton in 2007, and since then hundreds of farm animals of all types have been housed and cared for there.

Many of these animals came to West Place abused, neglected or abandoned by their previous owners. Taylor joined Townsquare Sunday this week to discuss her animal sanctuary and the work being done there.

With the support of dedicated volunteers and donors, West Place Animal Sanctuary provides refuge to farm animals, wildlife, and lost dogs. More than 15 species – alpacas to golden pheasants – call West Place their home.

"We have just grown and grown over the past 15 years," Taylor said. "But land-wise, we have not grown. We have eight acres and there is a possibility of acquiring some acreage next to us, but everything comes with a price. We are hoping that one day very soon we will raise the funds necessary to purchase that land so our mission can continue to get bigger."

The West Place Animal Sanctuary in Tiverton has a paid staff of three, along with about 60 volunteers and about a dozen high school and college interns. The sanctuary is always looking for volunteers and donors. You can learn more by visiting their website at

Taylor is also inviting everyone to visit the sanctuary during their annual Fall Visitors Weekend on September 17 and 18. Tours of the facility are $20 for adults and $15 for children, with all of the money raised to be used for the feeding and care of animals.

The Townsquare Sunday interview with Wendy Taylor can be heard here:​


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