Rest In Peace 2019





Rest In Peace 2020



We haven't had a Chukar partridge in a while and we are so happy to have another join us, with his cute sounds and noises. This little guy only costs about $10 a month to feed him his special millet and sunflower seeds.


Rest In Peace 2021


Spicy's name says it all and she lives up to it every day. This big girl has no fear, loves to kick up dirt, and if she doesn't get enough treats, well, just look at that look on her face. Spicy gets whatever Spicy wants, especially our love. 


Baby was found as a cygnet hanging from a bridge after being caught up in a left-behind fishing line. After his leg was reattached, attempts to reunite with his family didn't work, so he came to us.

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The RI wildlife clinic often gets saddled with domestic animals that people have found lost out in the wild. The clinic can't keep them because they only work with wild animals, so they ask us to step in to help out. We let these sweet animals live out their lives with us. Tangie is a Golden Pheasant and he is shy but sweet. Sighting him outside making his cute noises is always a treat for us. 

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BunBun is a domestic Rex rabbit that was dumped outside of a hotel, likely by people that got him for Easter then decided it wasn't a good idea. Although the kitchen staff was feeding him, they were worried about his surviving the winter. They brought it to the attention of one of our board members and he now lives here. Since we didn't have a designated bunny house, he has learned to 'play nice' with the peacocks so they agreed to share their home.


One word. Muppet.

We really think Charlotte could have been a muppet. One of our tiniest little and goofy birds, she always makes us smile. We took her in from another organization not suited for chickens and she took to us immediately. We feel the same way, Charlotte.