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Chickens Rescued from Online "Reality TV-style" Set in Cumberland

Updated: Feb 20

January 27, 2024

By Paul Zangari

CUMBERLAND, R.I. — An animal rescue group wants to find homes for chickens it rescued Saturday in Cumberland.

According to the West Place Animal Sanctuary in Tiverton the ten chickens were being used to produce Fishtank, an online "reality TV-style" show that was streaming 24/7 from a Cumberland house.

West Place spokesman Patrick Cole said a production crew member contacted them for help in removing the birds, which had been released in the house "for a comedy bit" but "the producers didn’t think it was funny."

Cole said he was told the producers wanted the chickens gone and had "discussed abandoning the domestic birds outside or leaving them on the highway," in advance of demolition work set to start inside the house.

According to Cole, when rescue workers from West Place arrived on Saturday the chickens were in a garage, surrounded by cardboard boxes being used as a makeshift pen.

While West Place's mission is to provide a permanent home to farm animals rescued from abuse, Cole said they can't keep all of the new arrivals. He added, they already have 100 animals in their care, so these birds represent a 10% increase.

The chickens will be available for adoption from the West Place Animal Sanctuary in Tiverton once they complete two weeks in quarantine, according to Cole.

To learn more about West Place, you can click this link.


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