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Farm Animal Sanctuary in Tiverton Needs the Community’s Help

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

March 28, 2023

By Maddie Levine

West Place Animal Sanctuary is a nonprofit in Tiverton that is home to the largest and most diverse home to rescued animals. Located on eight acres of historic farmland, West Place is a safe haven for animals rescued from cruelty, abuse, and neglect, and now, the sanctuary needs our help.

West Place invited adults and students in high school or college to attend a Volunteer Open House on Sunday, April 2nd from 12 pm to 3 pm to learn more about a variety of volunteer openings that will help improve the lives of more than 70 animals on the farm.

West Place Animal Sanctuary in Tiverton, Rhode Island

Wendy Taylor transformed the estate known as West Place into a sanctuary for injured or abused animals. It all started with a Doberman named Dobie, a Black Lab named Jake, her cats Alec, Mulder, Tweak, Maizey, Bailey, and Stewart, and her special goat Mo.

In 2003, the farm experience a tragic house fire where all nine pets perished.

“Mo’s passing was especially heartbreaking as he had been on a miraculous road to recovery that inspired Wendy’s commitment to farm animals and helped her realize her passion for animal rescue and rehabilitation,” said West Place.

With Mo in her heart, Taylor rebuilt her home and set out to earn a wildlife rehabilitation license to create a safe space for animals, and in 2007, West Place Animal Sanctuary was born.

West Place Animal Sanctuary Needs Volunteers

West Place answers the call when an animal is in need, and with the help of dedicated volunteers and donors, the farm is able to protect dozens of species, from alpacas to golden pheasants and everything in between.

The goal of the Volunteer Open House on Sunday is to encourage volunteerism at West Place and to streamline the volunteer and internship application and onboarding processes in a group setting. The farm operates seven days a week all year round and has a variety of roles available for volunteers.

Volunteers will learn about duties and responsibilities for positions in direct animal care, gardening, food cultivation, landscaping, hand work, IT support, marketing, fundraising, videography, content creation, and more.

“We are always in need of reliable and compassionate volunteers,” said Taylor. “Since 2007, our small organization has been able to accomplish big things with the help of dedicated people who believe in our mission. If you have a skill and a desire to help, we likely have a role for you.”

Help the farm that helps these animals. The West Place Volunteer Open House begins at noon on Sunday, April 2nd.


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