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Tiverton Animal Sanctuary Looking for Homes for Chickens Rescued from Livestream House

January 27, 2024

By Gino DeAngleis

The West Place Animal Sanctuary is looking for new homes for a number of rescued chickens. (West Place Animal Sanctuary)

TIVERTON, R.I. (WLNE) — The West Place Animal Sanctuary said it is urgently looking for homes for chickens that were recently rescued from a home in Cumberland.

Director of Development and Communications Patrick Cole said the 10 chickens were taken from a house where a livestreamed reality show, Fishtank Live, was taking place, and the chickens were allegedly subject to abuse.

"According to the complainant, the contestants on the show were 'ashing their cigarettes on them' and verbally mentioned abuse," he said. "The producers discussed abandoning the domestic birds outside or leaving them on the highway."

A screenshot of the livestream where the chickens can be seen. (West Place Animal Sanctuary)

Cole added that the shelter can only keep some of the chickens themselves, as it already has 100 animals under its care.

"We have found a safe home for three [chickens], but we are seeking good homes for the other chickens," he said. "We are also seeking donations to help with the care of these birds who were carelessly and cruelly purchased for a reality show stunt."

More donations to the shelter can be given here.

Cole added that the house was already being monitored by both Cumberland Animal Control and the Cumberland Police Department.


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