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Letter: A chance encounter with the most memorable Bobbert

A chance encounter with the most memorable Bobbert

January 28, 2021

By Ralph G. Doliber

Photogenic Bobbert comes in for a closeup at Tiverton’s West Place Animal Sanctuary.

To the editor:

A few months back, while out for a bicycle ride, I went down a side lane heading for some trails in the woods. Riding parallel to West Place Sanctuary I came upon a beautiful pack of alpacas out for a walk.

I slowed down and called out a hearty hello to the gang. They all looked over to see just who the weirdo on the rolling contraption was. One alpaca in particular with a curious expression on his face took an interest in me. He casually strolled over my way with another alpaca at his side.

As we slowly moved along I had a little one-sided chit-chat with this very intriguing animal. He seemed to be a most inquisitive character. I felt that if he could speak we would have quite the conversation! We soon had to both reluctantly part ways. When I arrived home later that day I told my lovely wife all about that sweet alpaca and the "talk" we had.

Upon recently reading of the beloved alpaca named Bobbert who passed away, I realized Bobbert (and sidekick Cash) was the wonderful alpaca I was fortunate enough to meet that day.

As my heart broke it was also filled with the undeniable joy that is Bobbert. I hardly knew you Bobbert, but I certainly love you.

Ralph G. Doliber



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